The Sandzén Gallery Archive is the official repository of written and taped materials and photographs for the Birger Sandzén Memorial Foundation and the Margaret S. Greenough Trust. Its collections include materials concerning Birger and Alfrida Sandzén, Margaret and Pelham Greenough, and their relatives and contemporaries, along with Sandzén Gallery institutional records. The Archive provides physical protection and arrangement of the materials and makes them available for research and reference. It also cooperates with other institutions that hold additional Sandzén materials.

Description of the Sandzén Gallery Archives

The holdings of the Sandzén Archives illuminate Birger Sandzén’s art, his life and times; the Swedish immigrant experience over several generations; and such specific cultural history as American and European reactions to the political situation in Europe in the 1930s. These holdings will interest not only artists and art historians but also, among others, cultural historians and family sociologists.

At present the enormous holdings of the archives are being processed with volunteer labor, and research questions can be answered only on a limited basis. Such questions will be accepted and materials provided as they become available. Specific questions may indeed guide the processing so that materials on the period involved in these questions can be processed before general processing continues. At present none of the processed material is available for general research, although the goal of the processing is the availability of material on-line, via the Sandzén website or email.

The archivist is available by appointment or contact Curator, Cori North at (785) 227-2220 or

Letters from the Archives (PDF)