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One of the prime functions of the Sandzén Gallery is to educate. Birger Sandzén felt that art should be accessible and enjoyable, and it is the mission of the Gallery to realize this vision. To that end, staff and volunteers continually develop programs that will engage the public. The Gallery’s Docents are one of the most successful groups in teaching about Birger Sandzén’s life and art, art in the Gallery’s collection and exhibitions of guest artists.

Sandzén Themed Packet

An educational packet of materials, called the Portfolio, has been assembled that contains hands-on materials, activities, and lessons for grades 3 through 7. The Portfolio emphasizes the art work and life of Birger Sandzén. The units of study include the geographic world of Sandzén, art terms, painting including colored reproductions by Sandzén, printing with a linoleum printmaking activity, and other information. The Portfolio can be ordered by completing the form or calling the gallery.

PRINTMAKING: Sandzén was a master of printmaking. Included in the Portfolio are a linoleum block, ink for printing, a lithographic crayon, and samples of black and white prints.

PAINTING: Sandzén loved the colors of his new homeland—Kansas and points west. A sampling from the Portfolio contents includes reproductions of some of Sandzén’s paintings, a palette, paintbrush and stretched canvas.

CLASSROOM AIDS: Classroom aids consist of word puzzles, color activities, review lessons, handbook, compact disc, and a USB port.


PROGRAMS: The Gallery docents have prepared visual programs to be given to schools, area clubs, and organization that tell the story of the arts in Lindsborg and particularly, Birger Sandzén and why his legacy had been recognized in 2008 as one of the eight wonders of Kansas art. One program includes the history of Sandzén and visual examples of his work. Other presentations are available for G. N. Malm, Anders Zorn, Carl Larsson, Carl Miles, The Midwest Art Exhibition (Sandzén, Malm, and Lotave), and area Lindsborg art. Presentations can be tailored by the requesting group.

Call the Gallery at 785-227-2220 for more information.

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