The Sandzen Gallery’s permanent collection has been developed since the opening of the Gallery in October of 1957 and are primarily a result of works that have been donated. Larger groups of collections held within the Foundation Collection include:

  • the Greenough Collection (donated in 2014)
  • the Carl Smalley Collection (donated in 1974)
  • the Ellen Strom Collection (donated in 1958)
  • the Robert and Edith Rights Collection (donated in 1992)
  • the J. P. Harris Collection (donated in 1964)
  • the Nelson Krehbiel Collection (donated in 1959)
  • the Oscar Thorsen Collection (donated in 1968)
  • the Zona Wheeler Collection (donated in 1999)

The Greenough Collection belonged to Birger Sandzén’s daughter, Margaret Sandzén Greenough, and her husband, Charles Pelham Greenough, 3rd. Many of the works were inherited from Birger and Alfrida Sandzén when Alfrida died in 1961. The Greenough’s were instrumental in starting the Foundation and Gallery. They housed much of their personal collection in the Gallery from its outset. C. Pelham Greenough died in 1983 and Margaret in 1993. Following Margaret’s death, most of her estate was placed in a Trust which expired and was passed to the Sandzen Foundation in 2014.

As a whole, the gallery has the largest collection of art representing the work of Birger Sandzén, but also includes a rich variety of artwork by over 720 other artists and makers.  Additionally there are works on long term loan to the gallery.

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