One of the prime functions of the Sandzén Gallery is to educate. Birger Sandzén felt that art should be accessible and enjoyable, and it is the mission of the Gallery to realize this vision. To that end, staff and volunteers continually develop programs that will engage the public. The Gallery’s Docents are one of the most successful groups in teaching about Birger Sandzén’s life and art, art in the Gallery’s collection and exhibitions of guest artists.

For Teachers

Portfolio Teachers Resource. Portfolio is an educational packet for grades 3 through 7. The packet contains hands-on materials as well as educational activities, lessons and review materials.

Units of study are: Sandzén Words and a hidden word game; Sandzén Geography with maps, photographs, and a time line; Art terms and a hidden word game; Painting, a study of Sandzén color palette, pointillism, optical color blending with activities and color reproductions of Sandzén oils; Printmaking and introduction to Sandzén’s printmaking, with overhead transparencies and a linoleum block printmaking activity; Notes and Questions over the materials in the packet and a matching terms game, as well as additional information.

List of the Contents:

  • Color Reproductions
  • Archival Photographs
  • Palette and Color Notes & Paintbrush
  • DVD Tour of the Gallery
  • Linoleum block and ink for printing
  • Lithographic crayon
  • Stretched Canvas
  • Teacher handbook guide
  • Word puzzles
  • Color study activities
  • Review Lessons

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